“Mom Tells Secret” Problem

Okay – so my Aunt who lives far away from me – has a person (we’ll call her Darlene) who comes to help her clean up her house. Darlene called me recently to let me know that my Aunt is having memory issues and may need to move to assisted living “sooner rather than later”. I shared this information with my Mom – so she would be aware – thinking this was private information. My Aunt is fiercely independent – so I thought this information wouldn’t be shared back with her.

So “of course”, my Mom calls my Aunt the next day and tells her what Darlene told me. My Mom sent me a text after the call saying … “I told her what you said and she was VERY upset!” That was this afternoon.

Now – earlier this morning, I watched the replay of yesterday’s coaching call – and heard the story of the lady whose Mom shared information that she felt was private. So when I got the text from my Mom – about sharing the private information with my Aunt – I thought… “Of course she would share that information with my Aunt!” 🙂

I thought … “How fascinating that I just heard this same issue on the coaching video – and now the exact thing happened to me. Of course my Mom would share that information. She’s worried about her sister – so she’s going to check in and verify what she heard. And of course my Aunt is going to react however my Aunt is going to react. And I love them both and we’ll figure all of this out together.” And then I chuckled again – because it all seemed too perfect. 🙂

Later, my Mom called me – because I think she wanted to talk about having shared that information with my Aunt. And because I had those more positive thoughts, we had a great call. No shaming her or admonishing her about sharing that information. She tried a few times to justify sharing that information – but I kept responding with “Oh yes, it’s no problem. We’re all concerned about her” – so she soon let that go. We had a few laughs and ended on a high note.

I just thought the timing on that was too perfect not to share. I got the benefit of someone else’s experience on the EXACT day I needed it. How cool is that! 🙂