Mom – where to start thought work

Hi coaches! I’m not quite sure where to start unraveling my thoughts about my mom, so I was hoping you could suggest some questions / prompts.

Basically, I’m finding that I often don’t want to talk to my mom on the phone. The conversations are one sided (she tells me a lot about her). Sometimes that’s ok, and I am a good listener. Sometimes I get annoyed by it. She interrupts me frequently while I talk about my own stuff. I frequently also don’t want to share too many things about my life because I’m not happy about her reactions to my stories (e.g. not getting excited about something I’m excited about). Another worry I have is about sharing more vulnerable things like my fears and doubts because I’m worried she’ll use it against me later, or try to “solve” the issue by suggesting books, etc.

Sometimes my mom and I have a good time chatting or a good time when we see each other in person. I love her. These are my reasons for wanting to keep the relationship.

I am also afraid that she’ll “abandon” me if I don’t continue to try to have a relationship with her. For example if I stop calling regularly, or listening to her during the calls to all the things she talks about, or if I ask for what I want from her. I’ve done some work figuring out that it’s not the Truth that she will abandon me – she probably won’t. And also that maaaaybe I could handle that if it did happen. I mostly feel like I’m broken if I don’t have a good relationship with my mom.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you!