Mommy Guilt

I have twin 7 month old boys who will be starting school soon. ( a few hours a week)
I’m sad and I’m looking forward to this.  I have ambition, and I want to grow my real estate business that I have with my husband.

I also have a 3 year old little girl.  The other day I was looking through a magazine and started to cry.  There were pictures of mommy and me photo shoot where the mom and daughter dress alike. I haven’t done this with my daughter.

C – looking at magazine
T – good moms have Mommy and me photo shoots with daughters
F – sad
A – cry,
R – ??

I know a lot of this is normal and a part of me wants to dismiss it as mommy guilt, but
I notice this comes up in other areas.
I’m not good enough wife
I’m not a good enough realtor…