Mom’s health deteriorates

My mom is 93 and was active and independent driving, socializing living alone in her own home 2 hrs from her kids until a fall in Oct. In a matter of weeks she moved closer to my brother into independent living, gave up her car house and all but enough possessions to fill a one room apt. She left her friends. It was time but happened faster than any of us imagined. She landed back in the hospital 2 weeks after moving . Now she can’t be alone in her apartment due to fear and mild confusion. I ask “ how can we support you, what are you thinking about this” and she says “ I just want to feel better, I don’t want to be a burden but I don’t want to go to assisted living”. This is common, but it is hard to watch. How do I make a model out of that? Do any of Brooks coaches specialize in this as a niche? If so can you direct me to them? Thank you