Monday Hour 1

I am starting Monday Hour 1. This week I intentionally chose to break my schedule to complete a work task (finish clinic notes) instead of doing a personal task (run). I justified this the first time by moving my run later in the day, but then I again intentionally broke my commitment to my run a second time (again with more clinic notes from the next clinic session). My justification for this is that it is much easier/ quicker/ time efficient to complete the work tasks (clinic notes) when the information is fresh in my brain instead of 1-2 days later. And now I am “beating myself up” (with my thoughts/feelings) about my decision not to go for my run. So what do I do in the future when this comes up? I have a strong thought that I am so time-restricted. Maybe the thought that my run would help refresh my brain? (though I do find a strong association between the time delay between my clinic and my ease with finishing these notes). Thank you for your input!