Monday hour 1 and self respect

I’ve been adding all my to do list to the calendar and some days I do stick to it and have the time scheduled appropriately to complete the task. Otherwise, some days I spend more time on something than I thought I would and move down to the next thing on my scheduled before finishing that first one. I figured that it is better to move on and try again with the next thing on my calendar instead of shifting everything to accommodate the one I didn’t finish. I’m thinking of pushing the work I didn’t finish during the day to late tonight when I would normally go to bed and finish it before tomorrow. I know the other option is to just modify tomorrow and add it in somewhere. I know I’ll get better at this the more I do it, but I also start wondering if this reflects on my self respect. I’ve heard that not sticking to my schedule and accomplishing what I said I would do is not honoring myself. I know that’s also a thought, but how do I incorporate this concept into my thought process in a more loving manner that doesn’t promote continuing to miss my goals and be accountable to myself?