MONDAY HOUR 1 as an employee

I’ve been following the course MONDAY HOUR 1 for the past week. I work as an employee in a  company that creates a very fast paced work environment and for that reason I am very interesting in any content that helps me organize better. I feel MONDAY HOUR 1 will really do that job for me.

I’m sure everyone feel like they’re the exception and hopefully you will prove me that I’m not. I’m very enthusiastic about the calendaring and planning all my week in advance but I feel like any given day my boss will ask me to do something due in 1 hour or plan an impromptu mandatory meeting that will come in and crash my calendar.

I understand that a lot of last minute emergencies can be planned in advance and would then be addressed in the Overflow Time slot but I feel like there will always be some emergencies that will slip through the cracks and force me to override my schedule.

Do you have a secret advice or a technique to make up time for these kind of surprises and not completely rewrite my planning?