Monday Hour 1– How does this work when working 9-5pm for a company?

I am LOVING learning about this system! It is amazing!!! While taking the course, I noticed that the example for the week schedule was being created by someone who is self-employed. How does this work for a 9-5pm job, where you are expected to be at your desk working on “work stuff” during that time?

I AM AMAZED by the “focus time” method. I’ll probably get so much more done by implementing that concept. But after focus time, do I just plan all the other things I need to get done for work within that 9-5pm window? What if I have 2 big things that need to get done, for example “complete grant and send off” AND “do a lit search for Hospice project”, and both are of equal priority in terms of deadlines?

I guess I’m just really trying to understand how to schedule the rest of my work day after the “focus time”. Thank you!!