Monday Hour One

My goal is to sign first few coaching clients for my program. I have never signed a paying client before so I don’t know the exact steps to make that happen.

Although I do know some action steps like meeting people, building relationships, creating social media posts, making offers might create the client. I don’t know the exact sales process but I am willing to figure it out.

A lot of action steps involve doing something new, coming up with new ideas, trying something. My question is how do I even schedule those things on my calendar when my action step involves figuring out new things?

Also whenever I schedule something on my calendar, I doubt if those are the action steps that I should be taking or if I should be doing else. And once I finish the things I planned for, I still don’t feel satisfied because I haven’t seen any progress even though I did the work.

How long should I stick to something before trying something else? How do I even know if what I am doing is even working?