Monday hour one

I love Monday Hour One. I did it for one week and I got so much done. It was amazing. I felt so productive and accomplished.

The following 3 weeks however, not so much. I feel like my schedule was taken away from me. My job had a big project that required all of my attention. I was up until midnight some nights making sure everything got done. This work schedule lasted for 2 weeks.

I thought things would settle down and I had planned to get back into it last week. I had my schedule already to go. And then my daughter got sick and it required all of my attention for the week. And when I wasnt focused on her I was focused on my younger daughter. And when I wasn’t focused on either of them I was exhausted and didnt have the capacity to do anything except zone out or go to bed.

Now I think finally things are calming down. But now I’m left thinking, that will happen again at some point. And I feel that the 3 weeks was lost in terms of accomplishing what I want to accomplish. When my schedule is filled up with other people’s needs, how do I keep myself moving forward.