Monday Hour One

I am in my second week of learning Monday Hour One and actually did worse than my first week in adhering to my calendar. I do the brain download of all the things I need to do. I schedule the basic calendar items and then the focus time and then I squeeze in as much of my todo list as possible.

And then I have the same problem I have experienced anytime I am trying to manage my time – I have a very tight schedule, things come up that need to be taken care of and I didn’t plan for it. Then I am behind schedule. If I put more unscheduled time in to allow for last minute occurrences then I am not able to schedule everything I think is important.

I am very productive, I accomplish a lot in our business, but there is no time for self care, and there is a fair amount of chaos in my brain – It feels like things are flying at me all the time. I am constantly problem solving.