Monday Hour One

1. To Do Download Categorizing – In the video on calendaring, Lauren starts by saying we have “everything written down and processed, categorized, combined, broken down.” From the previous modules, the to-do download is explained, but I couldn’t find anything about categorizing, combining and breaking down those to-dos – Could you explain this further?

2. Big Goals – when I did my first to-do download, I had many things that were not for this week or next week. Lauren puts down training for a half-marathon in the Thought Download video, but that isn’t mentioned again, but at one point, she does mention that you can schedule something for next year. So I’m after a bit more info on this. What to do when the to-dos are beyond the next week? And in particular, things that are more dreams than definite things we’re committed to – they still take up energy in our minds. How do we capture them so we can throw out that piece of paper?!