Monday Hour One advice

Hi Coach!

I just finished Monday Hour One and I am having trouble fitting all the day to day things and having space to actually have free time, work in my business.

Here some context:

I have day job in a Kindergarden from 8-5 (so taking transportation into count 7-6) this is everyday
Everyday I have german class: 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm
I get home at 9pm + Have something to eat and usually catch up with some video in SCS
In my work I work straight, this mean I have just a 30 min break that I use to get my german homework done.

Here’s my question:

I want to work in my business and have free time or time to relax. I can’t seem to find time to plan focus time that allows my to sleep and do my everyday life.

Im okay working on my business on the weekends, but I usually feel drained (and have homework and house keeping to do) that I honestly don’t get anything done.

Any advice? Thank you a lot!