Monday Hour One and Anxiety

I want to work on increasing my productivity and I have been using Monday Hour One for a few weeks on and off. I’m finding that I experience anxiety that’s really getting in my way of tracking (with time tracking software) 8 hours of work between 8 am and 4 pm.

C: Working 8 am to 4 pm
T: I can’t focus for 8 hours
F: disappointed
A: sleep. get up and get coffee. don’t start working at 8 am.
R: I don’t focus for 8 hours

C: email
T: I don’t want to see what’s in there
F: anxiety
A: avoid it or look at it expecting to find something scary
R: I don’t see what’s in there

C: mistakes
T: If I make a mistake, I’ll hate myself
F: dread
A: worry A LOT about making mistakes.
R: I hate myself and am focused on the past

C: It’s 8 am
F: dread

C: tasks
F: anxious