Monday Hour One and goals

I have just finished the Monday Hour One course and have a few questions.

– Do people use Monday Hour One and its way of working on their personal lives as well?
– I am not good at planning breaks for myself. I mainly work from home because of covid and sometimes I’ll look up, see the time and realise it’s 3 PM and I still haven’t been outside. Do you have any recommendations for how many breaks to take in a day? Or advice on how I could adjust my mindset on this?
– And lastly, is there a talk, session, course or similar that talks about goal setting and goal tracking? I have so many things I want to do that are bigger projects and I want a way to set goals, priorities and track these. We’re talking writing a novel, knitting a sweater, doing a degree etc. Big things that I don’t feel I can plop on my calendar for the next six months. Or can I? Any advice on where to start on this would be great. If there are visual examples of goal tracking I’d be very excited to receive them.