Monday Hour One and Stop Overdrinking Mixup

I originally started with the Stop Overdrinking course, but soon realized that the drinking itself wasn’t the issue, but the fact that my schedule was in such disarray that it was causing overwhelm – which led to having drinks at night. I switched to Monday Hour One with the Stop Overdrinking as kind of a sub-course I would continue while addressing the bigger issue. Two weeks later, I still feel like it was the right decision. However, with the Stop Overdrinking still going on in the background…

Recently, my husband and I decided to go on a 90-day health kick that includes eliminating drinking completely. I’m actually doing really great with it and not really having urges. I have my urge jar set up, but since taking drinks out of the picture, I’m not using it. We have wine in the house, but I don’t like wine, so the temptation really isn’t there. I much prefer my 1-2 whiskey drinks if I were going to drink.

My question is, should I try to bring whiskey into the house to somewhat create urges so I can actually feel them and move through them? I’m concerned that since I just removed the source that I am not allowing myself to experience the temptation and the urges…and perhaps after 90 days I’ll just go back to my old ways.

I know it won’t be “my old ways” exactly because I’ll be doing a lot of thought work around my Monday Hour One and calendar/schedule and training myself in that way. But would it be a good idea to test myself in that way? Or maybe just switch to using my urge jar for Monday Hour One now for when I have distractions or the urge to get off track etc?

I guess I kind of got myself a bit jumbled up by switching courses, but would still like to grow/transform in both areas.