Monday Hour One – Beating Myself Up

So, I am realizing that I’m using Monday Hour One and my calendar as a stick to beat myself with. I make a pretty rigorous schedule, and when I don’t stick to it, I beat myself up. I do the EXACT same thing with food and my protocol, so this is good information to have. I feel like if I’m not near-tyrannical with my schedule/diet, that I won’t get the results I want. This causes a lot of anxiety, feeling like I have to “try harder” in order to get results. I think I’d like some new ideas around this.

T I should be able to manage my mind and keep commitments to myself
F Frustration
A Try to figure out what I’m doing wrong, have a mental breakdown, do models, make more plans – try harder and harder and harder and beat myself up when I can’t get it right
R Continue to shame myself into trying to get things done and feel terrible.

I don’t know what to do here – what could I do here? Okay, I can see that my mind feels calcified right now, and that I can’t see the answers that would help me as a result. I’m stuck in a loop.

T I can see that I am stuck in a loop, and that I can’t see answers that are there
F Relaxed
A Stop pushing so hard to try and figure it out
R I feel better, and can become aware of the loop without becoming so completely attached to it

I can also be willing to not know all the answers in this moment, but I’m starting to intuitively feel like there ARE answers that I have access to. I’d like to have those answers…but where are the answers? Asking that question causes much resistance.

Can you help me come up with some bridge thoughts?