Monday Hour One – Big Goals

I’ve just watched the MHO video series and have done my big list. I plan to start MHO this coming Monday but I have some questions.

1. MHO states to brain dump everything I need and want to do, schedule them and throw away the list. My list includes all my longer term dreams and goals, along with the smaller tasks that I need to schedule in the short term. How do you suggest I manage these larger, longer term goals within the framework of MHO? Or should MHO only be used for the shorter term tasks?

2. I have a freelance client that provides me work in a feast or famine way. They are like my part time income (in a start up software company), whilst I build my coaching business. I don’t want to give up the work as they are very flexible with me, I can do the work between coaching sessions from home, etc. However, if I don’t drop everything (obviously I don’t drop my actual client appointments) and do the testing when it comes up, it might be done by someone else and I’ll lose the income.

The issue is that there is no prior planning about when I’ll need to work for them. They are a fast turnaround software startup, and I often only find out that day and then need to dedicate my whole day to it. I never know how many hours it will be and it can range between no hours in a week, to 3 full days in a week. I prioritize that work when it occurs, because it’s certain money which provides money whilst I build my business. But, it makes it very difficult to plan, and to prioritize my important but non-urgent work for my business.

I’d love your advice on how to manage this and how I can still use MHO.
Thank you!