Monday Hour One – Daily

I really love Monday Hour One. I haven’t been very consistent with it, but when I am, I enjoy it. Is it possible to tweak it a little bit to do a daily “Monday” Hour One? Where every morning I lay out my day? Rather than planning a whole week at a time. My life demands seem to change at the snap of a finger and I have appointments pop up that I can’t really plan for weekly. Any recommendations or guidance would be appreciated!

Monday Hour One (MHO) is a framework. You can adapt it to meet your needs so it works best for you.

MHO allows you to develop your relationship with yourself through how you plan and use your time. Many times what we call unexpected we can anticipate ahead of time.

You might consider questioning the belief, ‘My life demands seem to change at the snap of a finger.’ While this thought may feel very true to you, is it useful for you to see your schedule in that way? What if you could focus on where you DO have control and focus on that?

You can do MHO weekly and revise it on a daily basis once you know your new appointments schedule. That way you can adjust for any interrupted tasks that are carrying over into the next day.

You can also use Overflow time and set aside to address all the unexpected things that may have come up. You can choose to have overflow time daily or just on some days. Knowing what your week generally looks like, you can best decide how to schedule your overflow time.