Monday Hour One Discomfort

When I do Monday hour one (after I’ve finished) I feel sick to my stomach. I think it is because I have to actually do the things instead of worry about the things and make excuses for things. I feel like it is going to be hard, it is going to be uncomfortable, people are going to be upset with me and disappointed in me, and I’m going to fail. I know that that is just my primitive brain throwing a fit, but I feel the stress of it after I’ve done it.

my model looks something like this
C: I complete Monday hour one
T: now I have to do things. I really don’t want to, it is going to be hard, it is going to be uncomfortable.
F: sick/avoidant
A: dread it
R: I make it harder for myself. I create hardness for myself and more discomfort

intentional model
C: I complete Monday hour one.
T: I have exactly the right time to do things, this is a tough habit to form and that is why it is important to do. This helps the world, which is my mission
F: embrace the suck. fulfill the things
A: concentrate on resting, being ready, coaching myself
R: I learn how to love Monday hour one. I learn how to be uncomfortable, enjoy each moment, use gratitude. I learn how to make mistakes, keep moving.