Monday Hour One – Exec Assistant

I recently watched Monday Hour One and I love love love this and want to implement it in my life. My challenge is I have an executive assistant who manages my calendar for me currently. I am federal employee and am required to keep my work calendar on the federal system, but I cannot access this calendar on my personal device so I have to keep a second personal calendar. Additionally, I get requests from other federal officials for meetings regularly and my assistant has to be able to coordinate my schedule with other executives in order to find timeslots that work for us.

I would like advice on how to continue to have my assistant manage my calendar using Monday Hour One. One thought I had that might work is to schedule a meeting with him on Thursday or Friday for the next week and he can hold all new meetings until future weeks. I could create a constraint that he is not allowed to schedule a meeting during the current week once I’ve conducted Monday Hour One. This poses a challenge though for my staff that might need to meet with me to discuss a project emergency or to respond to a Congressional Inquiry or a data call from our National Office that has a short turn around.

I would love some other suggestions for the following:

1. How to juggle multiple calendars when my workplace restricts my ability to use my work calendar on my personal device
2. How to still have my assistant do his job in coordination with Monday Hour One.

Thanks so much!!!