Monday Hour One – First Week

I did Monday Hour One as best as I could this week, which was my first week. After scheduling everything in, I saw on paper that I have entirely too many things on my To Do list. This made me feel overwhelmed because I really do need to get these things done for both my business and my personal life, and it is all too much for any one person to do, unless I got up and started working at 4am every day and went to sleep at midnight.

To accomplish everything, I need to delegate many of the To Dos in order to accomplish the things that I wish to accomplish. However, I don’t have the extra funds in order to hire people to do these things for me. I also realized that so many of the To Dos I have, literally get in the way of the bigger and longer term goals that I have. I am feeling very overwhelmed by this whole process and I’d like a way to be able to incorporate my bigger, longer term goals into my schedule so that they don’t pass me by, as well as to delegate the things away that need to get done and be able to afford the help I need.