Monday Hour One: Focus time with a 9-5

Hey Coaches! I’m in my third week of MHO and the mental shift is very cool, I’m really loving it and IM ON TIME and IM KEEPING MY WORD to delivering on things I’ve said I’ll do for people!! My sister and Ex-husband cant believe it! Haha! It feels really great. I’m focussing on being a bad-ass at honouring my time – rebelling against my natural instinct to not honour my time.

I work a 9-5 as a Botanical Consultant and my daily tasks vary. I bill my time to projects and somedays will be producing written reports and things that require more than one Focus Time.

– Do I schedule more than one FT in the day? Or should/could I extend the FT to 3 hours?
– Is FT reserved for the things I really want to achieve for me personally other than my 9-5 (like I’m wanting to expand my side gig, the 9-5 is there to pay the bills, but not really my long term dream)