Monday Hour One. Free time

When it comes to constraining focus, I have one solid goal that is my main priority. However, I really want to go to the gym. I ultimately wanted us to have it but I have no goal set for it. I want to set time aside for this on Monday hour one, but I am afraid of over-committing myself on my calendar. I believe I would consider it as free time and I would like to do it first thing in the morning. My brain is posing the conflict as by me scheduling it first thing in the morning, that I am prioritizing that over my work…which is my main goal.

I like my reasons for wanting to work out and I understand I’ve never given Monday hour one a true effort, but I just know my brain will object in the future.

How I would wanna show up is knowing that I will get what’s on my calendar done, no questions asked. I’m just in fear mode right now. Which is fine, just wanting to have a combatting thought for when my brain throws this fit.

I guess I’m also wanting to know how to tell if I am prioritizing too many things.