Monday Hour One Gone Haywire

I’m in my fifth week of Monday Hour One. The first four weeks went so smoothly, I could hardly believe it. I accomplished a ton and felt great doing it. I was totally in to opening my calendar and doing the next thing.
This week the circumstances of my life changed after I’d made my schedule. My workplace closed and a friend moved into our guest room. On top of that, my priorities are shifting. I’ve started a daily live-stream yoga class and I’m cooking for my family every day – no more going out.
For the most part, I haven’t been following my calendar this week. Even though I’d only been doing Monday Hour One for a month, it feels disorientating not to be following it. How do I know whether I’m buffering (for example, that I want to take the time to call a friend, write this email, or make a quiche, rather than working on my taxes as I’d planned) or actually doing what is most important in this new world? Or should I just cut myself some slack, congratulate myself on what I have accomplished this week and resolve to write a schedule for next week that will fit better with my new circumstances?