Monday Hour One : How to plan for the unexpected.

I woke up bright and early to practice my first day of Monday hour one – and LOVED it! I had planned a block of time to analyze my social media analytics, a task that I do weekly and have a clear idea of how long it takes me. Today, for the first time since I have used IG + Facebook, the sites are down. How wild is that?!?!

There are so many solutions! I would love to hear which one of these two would best fit the model. 1 – staying up late tonight and fitting that block in then. 2 – removing a less urgent task from Tuesday to accommodate the time. Or is there another option that is even better?

The other element is that I don’t know when it will go live again – that is out of my control BUT my thoughts and how I approach are 100% in my control – woohoo!

C – FB & IG are offline during the time that I had scheduled to analyze my social media analytics.
T – Curious that this should happen on my first day of practicing Monday Hour 1. What a great opportunity to learn this model on a deeper level.
F – Curious and Excited to learn!
A – Brainstorming solutions + Asking a coach for clearer insight.
R – A deeper understanding of Monday Hour One + An even better relationship with time.

Thank you!