Monday Hour One: I have FIVE priorities! Too much?

I am loving the new program and am committed to making it happen in my life!

I am wondering, however, if having five priorities is nuts?
Here’s my list, in no particular order:
(Note: I also have a FT day job!)

1. Fitness (expressed by 4 Peloton rides a week, stretching 2x a week, weights 2x a week)
2. Family time: (Expressed as spending time with them, not doing anything else, one hour a night and more on weekends: PLANNED)
3. Weight loss: (expressed as planning/assessment food, doing all the PnP things I do now)
4. SCS: (expressed as: doing monthly work, doing at least 5 mins of TDL and 2 models every day, listening to classes/podcasts)
5. Activated Live Coaching (expressed as: making at least 2 offers a day, finding folks who will let me practice with them, slowly developing business skills, making FB/website, etc, but main focus: making offers/coaching!)

Now, I have managed to get this all calendared, and there will be slow progress regarding my coaching business, but…there WILL be progress.

I feel like I can do this, but…am I missing something? I don’t have ONE priority over the others: they all matter!

C: I have 5 goals
T: I can do this
F: excited!
A: I do all the things to move all my goals forward, and I understand they will move more slowly; I calendar like a boss
R: I make progress with my goals!