Monday Hour One in the Shelter at Home era

I’ve been successfully using and loving Monday Hour One. Then circumstances changed. I’m in California where we’re ending our first week of mandatory shelter-at-home. I’m suddenly home schooling my child and overseeing her entire day and night while managing my own. My non-coaching industry is at a halt. I’m discovering what this new daily life looks like. My mind goes from observing to racing as I take in what’s happening and keep adjusting. I REALLY want MHO running right now for the benefit of the discipline, the productivity and the mental freedom that come from following it. It feels good in a time of great uncertainty, and keeps me productive rather than flailing. Guidance / support on adjusting how to plan when daily life just went upside down? I don’t yet understand what new needs will come up (and new things come up each day that I didn’t anticipate), and I’m falling into confusion / overwhelm when I consider which of many directions to go to use this time while my industry is shut down. How to MHO when I don’t quite know how each day is going to work out and I’m just discovering what’s needed?

Think about how you feel about Monday Hour One when you believe, “Daily life just went upside down.”

Monday Hour One can be an amazing tool right now!

There are different circumstances, but they are still just circumstances.

You can choose any thought you want–in ANY circumstance.

What if you believed that you could utilize the concepts of Monday Hour One even better in your new circumstance?

I can be productive with my new daily life.

I’m figuring out how to love Monday Hour One this week.

I am going to make Monday Hour One fun this week.