Monday Hour One – is this ok?

I did Monday Hour One today and it was pretty cool! I wrote down all of the tasks on my list, arranged my calendar in the way that worked best for me and then moved some things to next week (and took one goal off the list entirely for now – so helpful!). But then I finished some of the tasks that I’d planned for more quickly than expected. When that happened, I was really “in the zone” so I moved some tasks from the future into today and got those done too. Is it “ok” to modify the calendar if you have an opportunity to create free time in the future? Or do you recommend taking the time left over if you’ve completed a task to just relax? I realize that perhaps I overestimated how long some tasks would take but in one case, a meeting that was supposed to be 2 hours ended up being only 1 (not because of a choice I made). I feel good about my reasons for moving tasks to today from later in the week (and I’m PSYCHED for more relaxation time later this week), but want to make sure I’m staying with the spirit of this practice and it was said that we should never modify the calendar once we’ve created it.