Monday Hour One Question


I have a question about when my work schedule changes unexpectedly.

I work 8am-4pm Monday to Friday in a hospital. In my calendar I usually have the time booked off and labelled work. However, on occasion, there are times where patients don’t show up for their appointments and I find myself with “free time.”

I get a little confused on how I should use this time. I often have tasks with me from home or use the time to focus on developing my coaching business, but I have a hard time committing this time as focus time, knowing I could be interrupted at any moment. There are also times that I just want to socialize with my colleagues. I never feel that accomplished or productive with this time because it wasn’t planned ahead.

I want to feel confident that I have a plan but also, if planned work doesn’t get accomplished, I don’t want to overwhelm myself in the evenings with trying to complete my tasks. How do you I categorize this time and feel confident about how I choose to spend this time?