Monday Hour One Question

Hello coaches! I LOVE Monday Hour one. Thank you so much for this wonderful addition.

I’ve listened to the calls, read answers posted below and I understand that everyone can adjust the concepts of MHO to make it work for them and their specific schedule/needs and I’m currently in the process of trying to find what works best for me. Here is my question: I work full time at a corporate job and devote nights and weekends to my big goal (the reason I joined scholars) which is to break into a new industry as a writer. I would LOVE to have weekends off and I know that I need it, however that’s just not possible right now because it would mean not writing on weekends. But what tends to happen on the weekends is that I tell myself I’m going to write for a certain amount of time, and then I don’t, (Maybe I’m a little burned out?) or I put if off until the end of the day so even though I eventually get it done, I’ve spent all day feeling bad for not doing it. So I know that if I’m planning on writing on the weekends, I need to be more deliberate and plan.

What do you suggest is the best way to go about scheduling according to the MHO plan when I need to include weekends? Any suggestions, tips, ideas?

I am currently trying to figure out if maybe I could get my work done faster at my job and recoup some time during my regular work day — but I’m not quite sure how I could get away with that right now.

Thank you for your help!