Monday Hour One questions

1) What is value of free time if I schedule all of my priority pleasures like spending time with family, reading, watching TV, etc? Wouldn’t that result in potentially spending time on false pleasures or wasteful activities? Or, should I not schedule priority pleasures so that I know those are my go-tos when I have free-time?

2) I tend to schedule more time than I think I need to do something so that I can account for disruptions and distractions, grabbing a drink or going to the bathroom, etc. BUT Brooke recommends to manage focus by scheduling as only as much time is needed so that you know when it is on it is ON. How to reconcile these two? One thing I am thinking of is to schedule say, 15 mins for the task but then 15 mins of free time or overflow time, so that I can do my absolutely best to focus for 15 mins and can manage urges during that time, but also use that 15 mins for disruptions that are out of my control. What are the best practices out there for managing disruptions/distractions/human needs?

3) What to do with unused overflow time? In my experience I tend to “waste” this time by checking email or news, which isnt want I want to be doing. What are some fun and helpful ways to use up unneeded overflow time?