Monday Hour One Questions

This the first time I am trying to use Monday Hour One and want to know if I am doing it correctly.

1. The video of Monday Hour One seems to mainly focus on Monday to Friday work days. Can it be full week 7 days planning so that it’s Sunday Hour Done?
2. I have a full time job as an architect and want to explore painting as an alternative career path in my week day evening and weekend time. I have found it difficult to schedule in quality focus hours in these out of work hours and be productive, especially because I am pregnant and therefore tired all the time. Do you have suggestions?
3. On top of paining, I have many other things I want to establish within the new routine, such as daily meditation, doing furniture design, or reading etc in my evening and weekend time. I’m not sure if I am too ambitious by over planning ‘new’ activities all of the sudden. Do you think I need to introduce these goals over a longer period of time?
4. It is mentioned we should not change our schedule, but my work often has many last minutes meetings and issues to deal with. Is it still not okay to readjust the schedule?

Thank you so much in advance!