Monday Hour One Questions Part 2

In the past, I had issues with following through on goals, being consistent, or developing a routine. That’s why I wanted to try Monday Hour One.
My first attempt last week went badly… I thought maybe because of some of the issues below:
– I underestimated the amount of time to do the tasks
– Quite a few unexpected tasks came up every day due to the nature of my work
– I planned 7 days, and some after work side projects (alternative career path) that I wanted to implement as well. It may be too ambitious to implement so many changes all at once
– I can notice at some point on Wednesday when I couldn’t quite catch up with my schedule, that I started to ignore my calendar notifications, which feels familiar, something I am used to. I totally ignore my after-work hour plans…
Now at the end of this week, I am questioning whether I am not treating Monday Hour One seriously enough and what that means. It’s almost a numb feeling to ignore tasks, which seems more worrying than having ‘stressed’ or ‘shamed’ or ‘worried’… I wonder if it’s something deep down that’s guiding me to develop trust in my plans… Is it because of a lack of confidence and belief in myself?
What’s your advice for next week’s MHO?
Thank you in advance