Monday Hour One – Scheduling consult calls & follow up

I’m in a phase of my business where I’m trying to build up my client base. So, I’m trying to hold as many consult calls as I can with potential clients. When I get an inquiry, I’d like to schedule it as soon as the client would like. Some weeks I may have 3-4 calls, others I may only have 0 or 1.

In addition to the call, if the client signs up, I have more on boarding work (I don’t have a VA YET! 🙂 )

I want to do Monday Hour One and honor my schedule & time commitments, but I also want to accommodate potential leads.

I’m not sure how to make Monday Hour One work for me. Do you have suggestions? I typically will know how my next day will be (outside of needing to follow up with a client) Is it fair enough to schedule out my week, and then the day before re-shift anything – but still honor my time for the day at hand? (Does that make sense? LOL)