Monday Hour One stick to schedule question

Hi! I loooovee!! Monday Hour One, it’s been already so helpful! So one thing I am improving in is deciding how much time I would need for each thing or what to do when things do come up. I’ll explain briefly.

– I have a chronic condition so sometimes I wake up and feeling too sick to do the things I want to do and I actually need to rest. I just don’t know when this will happen. What can I do then? Another example: yesterday I got the news that lockdown got extended with certain rules. This is affecting my job, so I had to arrange things for that and figure out the exact rules to make sure I can legally still work (needing a work permit). For me that’s an emergency and something I couldn’t expect. How can I navigate that better?

– Aligned with that, I not only could finish the things I wanted to, but also the thing I had planned originally was taking way longer than I expected and I found out that I needed extra resources and more steps than I was expecting going into it. Again, how can I navigate. I guess the best thing is that I am not frustrated anymore but just thinking: okay this happened, you were productive and did well so that’s great!!