Monday Hour One – Sticking to your schedule

I already had the habit of doing weekly “brain dumps” of my todos and scheduling them into a calendar. But what has always been and continues to be incredibly frustrating to me is sticking to the time allotted in my schedule. I plan for a task to take 2 hours and it takes 3 or 4! Then my whole schedule is off for the day.

I know I can plan more time for the task, but Brooke says that time is what you decide it is and something takes as long as you decide it will take. I really feel like I was right in estimating that the task should take 2 hours and am just taking too long to get things done—even when I’m focused on just getting B- work out.

If I decide something will take 2 hours, I want to get it done in 2 hours. How can I do this? What am I doing wrong?