Monday Hour One – Still Not Enough Time

I feel stressed after doing Monday Hour One this morning. I feel like there’s just still not enough time.

It seems like everything is either my self care, which I understand is non-negotiable, my client sessions, which is how I get paid, managing my finances, which is obviously essential, or focus time, which is key to moving my business forward. It just feels like too much even with some things being planned for next week instead of this week. And it’s kinda harder to see that in a concrete way on my calendar than to just feel like I am busy in theory. I am not sure what to push back. I am also trying to find an assistant to help with household stuff, but that takes time and is hard to find someone reliable.

I started this program to feel more on top of things, not let things fall through the cracks and to not feel overbooked or overwhelmed. Unfortunately none of that is happening and I am wondering what to change.