Monday Hour One Struggle

I spent time doing Monday Hour One and planned out my week. But, immediately, things out of my control get me off course.

For instance, the weather caused a snow day for son’s school, which is virtual anyhow and that alone provides many challenges. So, it was very hard to stay on task according to my calendar. Today, I scheduled a workout 6:30 to 8AM, in my basement. I prepared my 6 year old, had his breakfast ready at the table for him, so that I did not get interrupted when he woke up. But, He peed the bed this morning, which never happens. The point is that caused me to get derailed by a half hour due to cleaning him up, getting bath ready, new clothes, etc. The Monday Hour one video makes it sound so simple and that everything put on the coach’s calendars just seamlessly happens, but this is day three for me and the unplanned interruptions are non stop. I’m mad at myself when I get off track, then feel victimized and like why bother because stuff comes up no matter how much I plan.

Advice on having a more healthy outlook for this?

C-Monday Hour One is planned
T- this is supposed to be non negotiable and actually happen if it is on the calendar, but things keep coming up that are out of my control.
A- continue to try, but feel like following it is a toss up and totally subject to the whims of my life
R- maybe not take it as seriously as I want to take it.