Monday Hour One/Throw Away Your To-do List skill building

I’ve been working on “Getting It Done” since September. This is also my focus in 2020. I am making progress, but I am still finding it extremely hard to identify results and to-dos, prioritize them, put them on the calendar, then follow my calendar. I am looking at it as skill development and trying not to beat myself up for how much effort this requires vs how successful I’ve been at this.

My question is about Monday Hour One/Throw Away Your To-do List. I feel overwhelmed by the idea of prioritizing and calendaring *all* of my “todo”s, then throwing away the list because I feel like things will slip through the cracks. Prioritizing is a challenge for me. For example, recently my power got cut off because I forgot to pay my electricity bill. I have responsibilities towards myself and others in my family and it feels like a juggling act.

I was wondering if I could babystep my way towards Monday Hour One/Throw Away Your To-do List by maintaining a “todo” list and calendaring as follows?

1. Block off health and SCS time
2. Schedule meals/travel time
3. Schedule meetings/appointments
4. Schedule Focus Time for business Do Goals
5. Schedule “To Do” time to generally work from my to-do list based on importance and urgency that day (make appointments, pay bills, deal with schools, volunteer responsibilities, home projects)

Does that make sense? Thanks in advance for your help.