Monday Hour One, Week One!

I am an actress and my auditions come in late the night before or even day of. Because of that, when I was watching the Monday Hour One videos, I thought, “this will never work for me. My schedule is too unpredictable.” But I went ahead and did the full process and calendar-ed everything. And then I consciously decided, “My schedule is not going to be a problem.” I’m happy to report that I got EVERYTHING done that I had on my calendar this week with time to spare. Did I have to shift things some? Yes, I did. But I didn’t freak out about it. And that made a huge difference for me. I usually get annoyed at my schedule and the last-minuteness of the Industry and I let that irritation allow me to procrastinate. This week I didn’t do that and it felt great. Thank you so much Lauren and Tyson!