Monday Hour One when your boss doesn’t respect your time

I wanted to implement Monday Hour One in order to have less stress at my job. I manage a division and team members are often waiting on me for requirements, direction, or decisions. So I started Monday Hour One so that I could commit to deliverables more honestly–both for myself and for the person waiting on me. I have the control within my division to honor my time and my team members’ time. BUT … the company culture is absolutely not in alignment with Monday Hour One. I end up on multiple hours of calls with the CEO that often result in lots of talk but no decisions. Today, for example, my afternoon call with the CEO went from a 1-hour block on my calendar to a 3-hour conversation in real life. Now, I’m back to scrambling in order to get the other 2 hours of work done. I don’t want to be working late every night. Help.