Monday Hour One with Young Children

I’m just finished the “Goal setting” class in certification, and I love the idea of Monday Hour One…. but I’m having a hard time seeing how I can implement it in my life right now. I am a stay at home mom of young kids (6, 4, 1 year olds and pregnant), and so I am CONSTANTLY interrupted when I try and do something. For instance, let’s say I put that I’ll do dishes from 9:30-10:00 in the morning. I’ll start, then the toddler comes in with styrofoam in her mouth. I get it out and track down where the heck she found styrofoam so I can get rid of it so she won’t ingest it anymore. Then I get back to dishes, and a few minutes later my four year old screams “I need you to help me wipe!” And so I help her. Back to dishes. Some has fallen and hurt themselves. Back to dishes. The toddler comes to “help” and starts playing with the knives in the silverware container. I try and take her to her toys to distract her, but she comes back over and over. So I give up and decide to try more later. And this happens with pretty much every task I try and do while the kids are awake, and they are only asleep for so long each day that I can’t possibly complete everything that needs to get done during that time (especially considering I have to nap each day due to extreme pregnancy exhaustion). It’s why I gave up planning in the past, and started just living moment to moment to see what I could get done (but I’d really like not to!). Is the baby distracted? Go through the bills. Everyone’s playing nicely in their room? Fold laundry, etc. because I couldn’t ever “plan” when they wouldn’t need me between getting hurt, being sick, getting into things they shouldn’t, etc.

So my question is, how do you implement this process with caring for young kids all day? Brooke briefly mentioned just planning to get interrupted, but it happens ALL day long, and I feel like I’m having to eventually reschedule and move around my schedule all day, so how can I feel “committed” to myself when I’m constantly changing my commitments and plans?