Monday Models

I’d love if you could give me feedback on how my models look.

c: bank charges interest on the 31st
t: I can’t even pay the interest
F: stressed
A: worry about what A will think. don’t apply for jobs. don’t work on proposal. procrastinate. go on my phone. shower
R: still “cannot” pay the insurance

C: interest charged on 31st
T: I love that I am able to borrow money as I figure out my income situation
F: grateful
A: plan out my day. write proposal.
R: it’s not a problem. I create an opportunity to increase my income by writing a proposal

C: today’s spending plan
T: I don’t know if this adds up
F: confused
A: don’t add up the numbers
R: my plan is a lie

C: I woke up at 7:11. my bday is 5/11. base price of house is $411. i just looked at the clock and it said 9:11.
T: this is crazy
F: amused
A: text S. find more evidence of 11. google it
R: I make meaning out of the number 11

C: i owe $38,494
T: holy shit
F: overwhelmed
A: worry how I will ever pay it off. don’t take any action or make a plan
R: I still owe $38494

C: 15 items on to-do download
T: i’m already behind
F: stressed
A: do nothing
R: more “behind”

C: same
T: I can only do one thing at a time
F: calm
R: i create a plan to get it all done today