Monday Morning Hour One

I have watched the Monday Morning Hour One videos as well as the live coaching sessions. I am looking for suggestions as to how Lauren, Tyson or any of the other Monday Morning Hour Once Ninjas manage or store the many tasks and/or resources associated with a project.
How do you manage project timelines and delegated tasks, meeting follow ups etc.?
Perhaps I am missing something but blocking out focus time blocks daily on your calendar to execute on you most important to dos Keeps you focused. But If I have a project that I have determined has 20 tasks some of which I delegated or am waiting for follow up on where does that live.? And what are suggestions for managing and organizing it? I understand everyone will manage things differently but I am looking for suggestions from people who have been doing this for say a year and have experimented. I think that part of monday morning hour one is to review the next steps in a project and putting those actions on your calendar but I don’t see putting an entire project plan in a calendar block as an easy was to manage next steps. Are tasks entered as all day events, do you use something like Trello, Asana etc ? Do you manage tasks as to do, doing , done or organize by project?
I feel like I am missing a step between managing projects and their individual tasks ( whether yours or delegated) and getting them on your Calendar. That piece I believe I understand. I am looking for suggestions on what others have found to be best or effective systems for them to prevent things from falling through the cracks. Perhaps an individual coaching session on this might be helpful with Lauren or Tyson Thanks