I am on the money section.. Beliefs and goals.. I thought she said it was a four part section and I want to get the very most out of it so I need a help getting started. But first I need to ask, I totally get about how we think.. This could be a thought but maybe if we could talk about the thought then that could help me move on.. Ok first after you are not living with your parents who provide food, shelter, clothing… It is up to me to provide food, a place to live, pants.. shirt.. shoes.. and if my parents are not providing things I need then I need to figure out how and that is by getting a job but a lot of times the job you find doesn’t pay enough so I keep looking and looking.
So I see about writing about my thoughts in the past, present, future. But unless I have someone giving me money or I have a job that pays enough for living expenses and more I am kind of stuck.. I do see how thoughts can stop me from trying to make myself better but if there is a higher paying job and you need a degree for that job then you need money to go to school and get that degree..
I hope what I am saying makes sense.. I am open minded and I know things take time but I have been working and working and have not made it where I have wanted to be..
I am a new member as of the Saturday that just passed.