I heard Brooke say in a recent podcast that she loves money, but she’s not attached to it.

How on earth can I get closer to this mentality? Everything in my life has been focused on getting money as a “means to an end”, which hasn’t worked, bc I have plenty of money and I don’t feel satisfied.

I’m so attached to money. Some of the thoughts I have around it are: money gives me freedom, I don’t want to have to struggle, I want to have money, I don’t want to be attached to money, how can I make more money and do less work, making money is so hard….it’s either work really hard and make a lot of money OR be poor, I need enough money to feel comfortable and secure.

I don’t know how to let go of these beliefs – I have equated money with “security” and “freedom”, yet I have it and it has given me neither of those things. Yet, I’m still attached?