Brooke – Your live coaching calls are amazing. I learn so much.
I wanted to ask you a money question. I have had a lack mindset for years. I am committed to changing my mindset. That is why I joined SCS. I want to buy a new house that our budget does not yet accommodate, so I need to earn more money. I am pretty confident the money will come. Here are some of my thoughts: Why do I need to move, the current house is fine, why can’t I be content here. I do not want to live a mediocre life just because I am afraid of stretching myself financially. I should probably save any extra money we make and not just spend it. I have a lot of conflicting thoughts and know this current mess of thoughts is not going to help me manifest a new house. Its funny because I don’t even have the money yet, but suspect it won’t come until I get this cleaned up. Your advice would be appreciated.