Money and earning -lp

Hi Brooke and coaches, I am doing the money course and want to share my work for feedback.

Big Money Model
C: Money
T: I don’t have enough
F: Scarce
A: Don’t watch budget, overspend, don’t save, say “you shouldn’t have done that” when given extra money in my paycheck, don’t ask for a raise/accept raise offered to me, don’t start my blog or side hustle, don’t get a better paying job, work a job that pays $56k salary, work a part-time job for $9/hour, pay minimums on credit cards, hide my debt from people, pretend to have more money than I do, don’t take out loan for coach training,
R: -$33k net worth

I want to make $110k so that I can pay off all of my debt and go to coach training. It is true that I’ve determined this based on my expenses.

I am really struggling to see how I could provide more value in order to earn more. And I’m struggling to figure out what else of value I could offer the world. I don’t know what my gifts are that I could offer to the world.

I also realized that I am doing my job just for the money. There are projects and work I do that I really don’t see the value in. I do believe I have to work at my job. Because I believe I need the money. I keep thinking I don’t want to do my job anymore. I think I could probably make closer to 75k if I got another job doing the type of work I’m doing now. But I don’t know if I want to do the work I’m doing now anymore.

I want to have more control over what I’m able to produce. How do I figure out what I have of value to offer?