Money and food -lp

My main focus is on money – paying off debt and saving. However, I’m noticing overspending around fast food and am wondering whether a food protocol would help support the money goal, thinking if I have a plan ahead of time, meal prep on sundays, then I would reduce those times when I don’t have food to take to work and end up going and buying something i didn’t plan for. I don’t want to get distracted from my money goal, but this also seems to make sense. I am interested in losing like 5 lbs and I already do intermittent fasting (though I was unaware that’s what I was doing) so I feel like going all in on SO might just be a distraction from my money goal. How do I meal prep, spend less on food, control my spending on eating out and eat on protocol? Also I have ADHD so I am very interested in what a NSNF protocol would do to help with that. Should I stick to the money goal and do the food stuff later or do both? My concern is food would take my focus away from the money goal